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Return to Nun-da-ga-o Ridge and Weston Mountain ~ Oct 1, 2013

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Current photos

At the Start - sans Kurt
NW View From Big Crow Summit - Whiteface in center
Trailside View
We Went Around
Steep Steps
Kurt and Don - Don "Damn that Pete - where is he taking us?"
Don - "I forgive you Pete"
More "Up"
Looking Back
Lunch - "And miles to go before I sleep"
Pitchoff Ridge
High Peaks in Silhouette
Hurricane Mt (L) and Giant Mt (R)
Cool Tree
Caribou Moss (Is that correct Ray?)
Margie, Lenore and Diane
Jay Range
Summit of Weston - Finally!
Lost Pond
Having Fun
Lost Pond with Hurricane Mt in background
Looking Back at Lost Pond
"New" Lean-to
Take Five
Ahhh - isn't that cute!
Almost Out
Lenore enjoys the view from the Soda Range. - added by Margie