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Return to Nun-da-ga-o Ridge and Weston Mountain ~ Oct 1, 2013

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Current photos

At the Start - sans Kurt
NW View From Big Crow Summit - Whiteface in center
Trailside View
We Went Around
Steep Steps
Kurt and Don - Don "Damn that Pete - where is he taking us?"
Don - "I forgive you Pete"
More "Up"
Looking Back
Lunch - "And miles to go before I sleep"
Pitchoff Ridge
High Peaks in Silhouette
Hurricane Mt (L) and Giant Mt (R)
Cool Tree
Caribou Moss (lichen) Is that correct Ray?
Margie, Lenore and Diane
Jay Range
Summit of Weston - Finally!
Lost Pond
Having Fun
Lost Pond with Hurricane Mt in background
Looking Back at Lost Pond
"New" Lean-to
Take Five
Ahhh - isn't that cute!
Almost Out
Lenore enjoys the view from the Soda Range. - added by Margie