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Lake Moreau Figure 8 ~ Apr 10, 2014

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Current photos

Putting on our spikes.
Cascading stream
Will the porcupine see his shadow?
Sam and Ray at the porcupine dens.
Where's the snow?
Beaver lunch
Nature's corsage
26 happy tummies
Soaking up the rays at the playground.
Hey Peter, Lenore said no gaiters!
Lunch on a log - added by Joanne
More lunch on a log! - added by Joanne
Even more lunch on a log = big group today! - added by Joanne
Gail & the playground? - added by Joanne
Leon & Jim - added by Joanne
Mike & Pat - added by Joanne
Jack & Fran - added by Joanne
Sam & Pete (Pete is waving around a piece of deer skin with fur found on the trail..I don't think Sam is impressed). - added by Joanne
Tom & Donna - added by Joanne
Don & Ray - added by Joanne
Pete & Jan - added by Joanne
Mary Anne & John - added by Joanne
Tom & Kirk - added by Joanne
Liz & Shelly
Lenore conducting class and Sam is NOT paying attention! - added by Wanderer
Spring hasn't totally arrived yet - added by Wanderer