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Hopkins Mountain ~ Sep 24, 2013

Journal entry by Wanderer

It isn't often that we get so many nice days together - so why not take advantage of it. This is particularly true at this time of the year when the leaves are changing and Mother Nature's palette is filled with such a variety of colors and a perfect time to offer bonus outings - whether it is biking, paddling or hiking (my favorite). Hopkins Mountain isn't the tallest in the Adirondacks, standing at less than 3,200', but what it lacks in height it certainly makes up in "wow" power. From its relatively bare summit there is nearly a 360 degree view and it has been said that 22 of the major peaks can be seen from its overlooks. Mind you, they may not be the in-your-face views like you get from the summit of Cascade but it is hard to beat for panoramic views of the mountains and valleys. I wasn't surprised when only 5 showed any interest because it is a longer ride than we are used to and quite a bit of gain - nearly 2,100' in the 2.5 mile trail to the summit, but Linda, Diane and Kurt and Nancy are an enthusiastic bunch and enjoy visiting as much as I do. I have hiked Hopkins a few times but not on the Ranney trail so this was a new route for me and the mountain was new to everyone else - (to be honest, with my poor memory it was a new mountain for me as well). The trail was in very good condition and while it was a steady up there were periodic plateaus to rest and shed some clothes. You had to work to find the most vibrant colors but when you did see a tree ablaze it wetted your appetite for the show that will arrive in the next week or two. The last section was the steepest but it also brought you to an immediate reward of views of the Ausable Lakes Valley with Dial, Nippletop and Sawteeth Mountains, some of the John Brooks Valley with Marcy in the distance. As you looked around Giant and Nubble came into view with super views of the Dixes, Noonmark and from one overlook - Whiteface. We did linger at lunch and who could blame us - blue skies, lower 60's and great company. Our return was fun with Kurt and me picking 10 lbs. of crab apples at the parking lot - hopefully to be transformed into jelly. I suggested that Kurt make some candied crab apples but he didn't think serving them on a toothpick would go over too well. Pete 9/27/13 - Kurt Wisell added 5 photos. 9/28/13 - Wanderer . added 12 photos.

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A peek at Fall. - added by Kurt

Photo added by Kurt

Lots of BIG maple, cedar and birch. - added by Kurt

Mushrooms or the heads of Crooked Canes? - added by Kurt

The group at the top of Hopkins Mountain. - added by Kurt

Quite the Spring Runoff! - added by Wanderer

Rock along the way - one of many - added by Wanderer

Tree Top Glow - added by Wanderer

This one's for you Ray! - added by Wanderer

Ausable Lakes Valley - added by Wanderer

Whieface - added by Wanderer

Lunch Perch - added by Wanderer

Giant and Nubble - added by Wanderer

High Peaks Panorama - added by Wanderer

Pitchoff Ridge (background) - added by Wanderer

On Fire - added by Wanderer

Our Trail - added by Wanderer

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