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A-Team hike to Wilton Preserve ~ Feb 1, 2018

Journal entry by Don McMahon

It was a winter wonderland with snowflakes falling vertically through the air, covering the limbs and needles of the trees and the icy trails - not enough to effect driving, just enough to be enchanting.  Bonnie was kind enough to pick me up on her way between Glens Falls and the Preserve, so I had it really easy. And when we arrived there were a lot of people ready to partake of a magic day in the woods. Attendees included Liz, Peter and Donna, Steve and Licia, Terry and Peter, Jim I, Sue, Linda F, Bonnie, Tom and Don. Everyone had microspikes except Peter who had snowshoes. Walking was easy - just an inch of light snow covering the icy trails - but no problem with microspikes! We hiked the Preserve, clockwise on the blue trail with 1 mile traverse on the south side of Scout Road, and 2 miles on the north side, except for an additional mile  loop that tooks us by the Odehl farm site. By the end the snow had stopped falling and the temperature was warm enough that the snow was clumping up under the microspikes. We arrived back at the cars at noon sharp and, as arranged by Tom, we had lunch in the cozy warmth of the nearby administration building. There we were told that the old trail to the Odehl farm, that we used nevertheless, was marked closed because a short section was on private property and the landowner didn't want to sign a 40 page document for a right of way - no barriers to indicate hnowever that this owner really objected to people using the trail. 

2/2/18 - Bonnie Whitman added 12 photos.

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Wetland along the trail - added by Bonnie

Nice group of hikers! - added by Bonnie

Pretty woods - Jim doing the sweep - added by Bonnie

Fresh coating of snow - added by Bonnie

Donna - added by Bonnie

Linda - added by Bonnie

Sue (L) and Liz - added by Bonnie

Photo added by Bonnie

Peter (Tom's son-in law), Terry (his daughter) and Dad - added by Bonnie

Tom and Terry - added by Bonnie

Really ruffing it for lunch. Thanks Tom for reserving this wonderful place for us.

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