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Peebles Island/Champlain Towpath/Cohoes Falls ~ Apr 17, 2014

Journal entry by Denis and Lenore

Thirty one Canes enjoyed a mild spring day trekking the outside trail along the Mohawk and Hudson juncta and 1825 towpath. We crossed North Bridge from the Waterford Canal Exhibit center on Tugboat Alley. All entered the nature trail alongside Revolutionary cannon embankments. Kirk led us to where two hawks soared. Then we saw the powerful Mohawk. Jack pointed to Harmony Mills the largest textile plant of the ninetieth century in Cohoes. Birds abound on the Hudson side. We lunched viewing the Hudson in a grove with picnic tables.

The hikers then climbed to the Champlain Sidecut where Leon counted four locks. We crossed Lock Two of the Barge Canal then went on the Champlain Canal towpath to the Woods Mansion standing alongside a rare enact lock. A trek through time continued to the Cohoes Falls the birthplace of the Iroquois Confederacy. Denis

Nineteen Canes couldn’t resist the chance to see roaring Cohoes Falls close up, so after thanking Dennis for a lovely and historic walk, we piled into our cars and drove to the Waterford side of the Mohawk River. Warnings to stay away from the edge of the cliffs, which occasionally crumble into the river, were given on large signs and by Lenore. Our first views were across the river to the ornate and massive Harmony Textile Mills, which Jack told us was the largest factory of its kind in the world when it was built in 1872. The path meandered high above the river, through unkempt urban woods and golden meadows of tall grasses laid flat by winter snows, with increasingly dramatic views of the falls. We could hear the thundering roar as we made our way around muddy ruts and over small streams. All were rightly impressed, took photos and explored a little. This mile and a half round trip is one of Waterford’s best kept secrets. Lenore

4/21/14 - Margie Litwin added 12 photos.

4/22/14 - Diane And Kurt added 14 photos.

7/29/14 - Wanderer . added 16 photos.

42 photos

Pre-hike view of Cohoes Falls taken from Cohoes. - added by Margie

The picnic area on the far shore was still submerged. - added by Margie

Lower level of the Canal Visitor's Center. - added by Margie

Kendra points out the high water line at the time of Irene's fury at the Visitor Center. - added by Margie

Don and Peter-pondering the reason that singular promontory did not erode away with the years of pounding waters. - added by Margie

Coltsfoot is a very early Spring flower. - added by Margie

The historic mansion overlooking the Champlain Canal houses the Waterford Historical Museum, open seasonally. - added by Margie

The Museum celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, the mansion having been moved to this current site in 1964. - added by Margie

We took the high road-a few took the low! - added by Margie

This guy had been warming in the Springtime sun. - added by Margie

Tugs at rest for now. - added by Margie

The power of Spring run-off at Cohoes Falls. - added by Margie

45 feet above the Mohawk River, one beaver had a Chew With A View! - added by Diane

The Canes summit Peebles. - added by Diane

The Lofts at Harmony Hills, background, formerly the world's largest cotton weaving mill, according to Jack, and site of the Cohoes mastodon discovery. In the foreground, one of many roll dams (aka Death Traps to kayakers) used for power generation in the area. - added by Diane

Breastworks (aka piles of dirt to hide behind when somebody is shooting at you) ordered built by Thaddeus Bonawentura Kosciuszko during the American Revolutionary War. - added by Diane

A lock on the old Champlain Canal. The chanel now passing unhindered through these locks now only carries excess water from the newer Champlain canal back into the lowest section of the Mohawk and on into the Hudson. - added by Diane

Photo added by Diane

Photo added by Diane

Reminds one of Thomas S. Allen's 1905 hit single, Low Bridge song. Even Pete Seeger recorded it. Wrong canal, right song. Oh well, it works! - added by Diane

Our group leader,Denis Foley, says this view of a Champlain Canal lock is almost exactly the same as it would have appeared when the canal was first opened in 1819. - added by Diane

From the canal and Pebbles, we moved on toward Cohoes falls, obviously preceded by Ken on another one of his wilderness Christmas decorating binges. - added by Diane

A tribe of Canes slinking across the pampas beckoned by a nearby loud roaring sound. - added by Diane

All smiles, Sir Thomas discovers the roar! - added by Diane

Photo added by Diane

Nope, not getting any closer than this! - added by Diane

I think we will have lunch somewhere else - added by Wanderer

The geese don't seem to mind the high water - added by Wanderer

View from the perimeter trail - added by Wanderer

Along the perimeter trail - added by Wanderer

Taking a break - added by Wanderer

Lunch in the shade - added by Wanderer

Lunch in the sun - added by Wanderer

..... or lunch alone! - added by Wanderer

Happy Birthday Don - added by Wanderer

Birthday Boy! - added by Wanderer

Above an old lock - added by Wanderer

More of the old canal - added by Wanderer

Waiting for the canal to open for the season - added by Wanderer

Walking on the top of the lock doors - added by Wanderer

Two regular visitors? - added by Wanderer

Cohoes Falls - quite impressive - added by Wanderer

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