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Pinnacle Mtn Hike ~ Jun 9, 2016

Journal entry by Don McMahon

What a day to be out enjoying nature - cool with a good breeze, so everyone started with extra clothes and bugs were never a problem for the entire day! And Pinnacle Mtn continues to provide a surperb view for the effort. I think we spent as much time at the summit having lunch and enjoying the views as we took to get there. As planned we spotted a car and returned via the trail connecting Pinnicle Mtn to the Cat Mtn trilhead. From Pinnacle the trail goes down to a brook which is possibly the outlook of Edgecomb Pond and then back up a couple of hundred feet to the road. My estimate looking at a topo map is that we walked about 2 miles and had a cummulative climb of about 700 ft. Many thanks to Carol K, , Dale B, Dennis F and June, Ken G, Nancy K, and Tom for the pleasant company. 

6/11/16 - Ken Gericke added 6 photos.

6 photos

Happy Hikers....front row-Don, Nancy, Joan back row-Carol, Dale, Tom and Dennis - added by Ken

At the overlook....the Narrows to the north - added by Ken

Looking south. - added by Ken

Northwest Bay on the left and the Narrows to the north - added by Ken

Our leaders Tom and Don - added by Ken

Beautiful pic...Joan, Carol, Nancy, Dennis, Don, Tom, and Dale - added by Ken

Viewing 30 of 78 - 2016


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