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Potash Mountain Hike/Snowshoe ~ Jan 18, 2018

Journal entry by Steve Mackey

We had a "lucky" 13 make the summit, and we had a little discussion about the 10% rule.  That's the rule where you don't get in trouble as long as you return with 90% of the hikers.   (We were trying to decide if that meant we could lose 1 or 2 since we started with 15). We had a few tricky spots that we already knew about, but in case there was any doubt, it was confirmed Thursday. There a several steep spots that were icy, and we had to proceed slowly and carefully.  Peter had brought a rope and it ended up being very helpful.  Everyone did a great job on the tricky spots, and hopefully no one was worse for the wear.   We are waiting on the DEC's okay before we are allowed to do any heavy duty work on the trail. These spots are good candidates for stairs or short ladders.

The view on top of the cliffs was very clear.  We decided since it was a little windy, that we would be better off taking our lunch break on the summit. It was a good decision, and we had a nice break up there. I think everyone had a good time, and I'm sure we'll get a lot or repeat customers when we hike it again in the summer or fall.

1/23/18 - Wanderer . added 3 photos.

1/23/18 - Rich Elton added 4 photos.

1/23/18 - Margie Litwin added 4 photos. 1/23/18 - Scott Anderson added 5 photos. 1/31/18 - Wanderer . added 7 photos. 2/4/18 - Jungle (Jim Mosher) added 4 photos.

27 photos

At the trailhead - Jungle has already started up - added by Wanderer

Ice sculptures on the stream near the trailhead - added by Wanderer

Jungle (turquoise jacket) talking about some history of the preserve while Shelly and Susie admire the snow covered surroundings - added by Wanderer

Making our way up - Shelly in the lead - added by Rich

Almost to the top - Peter, Judy, Margie, Lori, Lenore, Shelly, Ray - added by Rich

Judy and Shelly at the summit cairn - added by Rich

Small group at the summit cairn - Jungle, Lori, Scott (hidden), Steve, Judy - added by Rich

Intermittent rains this season created icy trail adornments. Susie joined us for part of the day. - added by Margie

Stopping to appreciate the vistas which broadened as we climbed higher. - added by Margie

The Riches of the day. (E and Z that is). - added by Margie

More icicle sculptures decorating our path. - added by Margie

Jim Mosher taking in the views - added by Scott

Near the top - added by Scott

Lunch spot at summit - added by Scott

At the cliffs - added by Scott

Photo added by Scott

There was tinted ice .... - added by Wanderer

.... and crystal clear ice along the trail. (Sorry about all the pictures of ice but it is winter after all!) - added by Wanderer

Making our way along one of the many ledges - added by Wanderer

View looking south from the overlook with Fourth Lake in view - the sun is trying to beat back the dark clouds - added by Wanderer

Rockwell Falls in Hadley-Luzerne on the way home - just a short distance south of Potash Mt. - added by Wanderer

Icicle skirt at Rockwell Falls - added by Wanderer

Ice sculptures on the shore of the Hudson at Rockwell Falls - added by Wanderer

Lots of up! - added by Jungle

Steve - added by Jungle

Lenore and Margie having lunch out of the wind - added by Jungle

Happy group at the top (Rich behind the camera) - added by Jungle

Joining us for the hike was Jim Mosher (a.k.a. Jungle).  He played a significant role in the idea of a new hiking trail to the summit of Potash Mt. becoming a reality and along with Steve, scouted, designed, and cut and flagged the current route.  We want to thank both of them for their commitment and effort in the development of this new trail – it is a winner!

Peter for the Canes

Attendees:  Steve, Jim Mosher (Jungle), Lenore and Jack, Rich E, Rich Z, Judy, Shelly, Margie, Ray Boucher, Susie, Scott, Joanne P, Lori, Peter

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