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An April Ski At Brookhaven ~ Apr 5, 2016

Journal entry by Ghost Writer For Tom & Don

What at first appeared to be a useless, annoying snowstorm on Tuesday turned into a whole lot of fun for six Crooked Canes who took advantage of an invitation from Don to attend a bonus hike described as follows: "Although my heart yearns for green grass and warm weather --- with several inches of snow on the ground and having to put gas back in my snow blower -- and skis still dusty from being in the basement for well over a year -- Tom Gibbs has suggested a cross country ski trip at Brookhaven Golf course tomorrow, April 5th. Join us if the thought is not too depressing!" Ghost Writer's initial thought, "those crazy guys," quickly turned into "who could resist biting on that, the first ski outing to really happen all year? Gotta go!"  was also the thought of a couple of other folks.

A forecast for significantly cold weather and stiff wind was almost foreboding enough to scare all of us off but we six tough Canes found the scenario at Brookhaven nearly perfect: full sun, no wind to speak of, temperature hovering just below freezing and a few inches of snow over a firm base. Our firm base was the terra firma of a golf course that had been open two days before, but those of us who hadn't even had our skis out of the rack this year were thrilled that Tom and Don had hatched this plan and were making it happen.

Upon heading out of the parking lot, Tom made it clear we needed to stay off the greens and that we should travel only on the edges of fairways and on wooded trails. Someone's question "How do we know where the greens are?" yeilded Tom's response "I have no idea. I can't find them in the summer when I'm golfing!" With that, off we went for an hour and a half before returning to our vehicles for a very sunny lunch at Brookhaven's now nearly clear parking lot.

In warm sun working hard to reduce "our" snowpack, we headed out again on the side of the road opposite the club house. The snow a bit tacky now and with hedgehogs (REALLY! See the picture of one below!) starting to appear all over the place, our trail entered a rough, wet, brushy area whereupon many of the animals became restless and started a retreat. "Recalculating..." we soon headed through snow, now laughably sticky for the most part, back toward our beginning.

Some of life's best experiences are unexpected, hastily planned events. Today's Bonus Outing was one of those for Diane, Nancy, Jim and the Ghost Writer thanks to Writer and Director, Tom in association with Producer, Publicist and Key Grip, Don.  Thank You, Gentlemen!

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Off and running!

Thanks to Nancy, "technical adjustments" were quick and close at hand.

Though we did not venture out on the fairways, some of the deer must not have found the memo in their in boxes.

Fir Frames Five Famous Figures Crossing The Water

Do you see that? Ghost Writer knows a hedgehog when he sees one! They were scurrying all over the place thinking they were out of sight, but no! we found them all.

A mallard decorates a Brookhaven pond.

This is what happens when tacky gets clumpy. Soon after Diane's encounter with clumpy, Nancy became locked out of her skis.

Gooney Golfers

Tom & Don, you really did "ring the bell" with this impromptu Bonus Outing!

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