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Berry Pond Hike/Snowshoe ~ Jan 11, 2018

Journal entry by Sandy and Bob Powell

Twenty Crooked Canes started out on the cross country ski trails as two A Teamers, Don and Tom, headed to the snow mobile trails with a shared destination of Berry Pond. With about a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures rising above freezing made foot wear decisions a challenge. Most went with microspikes knowing that the snowshoe donned folks at the front of the line would pack down the trail.

Apparently there are numerous ways to go through the cross country trails to get to the hiking trail but the leader stuck to the Blue Trail marked route. Once we arrived at the hiking trail we had a steady climb of about 400 feet before descending to the snowmobile trail. Thanks goes out to the three snowshoers who broke trail about 15 minutes ahead of us. Lori and Claudia in snow shoes set a steady pace at the front of the line further packing the trail. Many thanks!

Everyone was in good spirits when we hit the junction of the Blue and Orange Trails so we stayed on the Blue Trail to hike up about 500 feet to the north view of the frozen southern basin of Lake George. Along the way we saw an impressive snow shrouded paper wasp nest and a deer feeding spot. Thinking it was a deer bedding spot Jack just had to lay down in the snow to check out how comfortable it might be. It was quite entertaining.

We had a quick lunch at the north lookout since the southern lookout was windy and a bit too chilly for a lunch stop. The snow was shin deep and everyone just plopped down in it for the break. Getting up was the hard part but there were lots of helping hands. After lunch we stoped at the south overlook and had a nice view of Butler Pond and Berry Pond, our next destination. At the junction with the snowmobile trail we met the three amigos who kindly broke trail for us. One of them mentioned loosing a pole basket. Remarkably Lori had found a basket at the previous junction and had hung it on a broken branch. It was gone when we returned so there must have been a successful reuniting. We had easy walking along the snowmobile trail and we quickly reached the frozen snow cover Berry Pond. We decided not to circumnavigate the pond as the trail had not been broken and with the warming weather the snow was softening and post holing was of concern.

The return trip was mostly down hill and quick. Kurt and Bob separated from the pack briefly to inspect what they were thinking were bobcat tracks. Maybe Kurt will post a photo.

Thanks to Margie, Claudia, Linda, Karen, Leon, Gail, Jack, Fran, Lori, Mary, Kurt, Joanne P, Diane, Lenore, Liz, Bob, Barb, Peter, and Scott for spending a warm day in the woods with us.


1/13/18 - Wanderer . added 8 photos.

2/15/18 - Diane Wisell added 2 photos.

22 photos

Berry Pond Hike Snowshoe: Margie, Claudia, Linda, Mike, Karen, Leon, Gail, Jack, Fran, Lori, Mary, Kurt, Sir Thomas, Joanne P, Diane, Lenore, Liz, Bob, Barb, Peter, Scott. Not in picture: Don & Sandy.

Checking out the paper wasp nest.

The paper wasp nest.

Liz, Barb, Fran and Linda

Deer feeding area

Jack checking out how comfortable the deer "bedding" area is.

Lunch time northern view of the southern basin of Lake George

Southern view of Butler Pond in the upper left and a snow field in the center.

Southern view of Berry Pond, our destination, not visible when the leaves are out.

The three gentlemen who so kindly broke the trail for us.

Recent beaver activity near the pond.

Berry Pond

A fine group of hikers if I do say so myself! - added by Wanderer

Sparkling Margie - added by Wanderer

Claudia in the lead at the moment - doing a fine job - added by Wanderer

Kurt and Jack enjoying a bit of a breather - added by Wanderer

Our leader, Sandy, wondering if the trail will ever flatten out - added by Wanderer

Stylish Liz and a small portion of our group at lunch at the Lake George overlook - added by Wanderer

Aah - Karen and Leon - added by Wanderer

Packing up after lunch - Mary, Fran, Linda P - added by Wanderer

Here's what happens when you build your walls paper thin! - added by Diane

Bob wakes up and Karen builds up a head of steam trying to avoid being seen as two rocket scientists try to get past a down sapling at the same time with one trying to go over and the other under. - added by Diane

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