Brant Lake Water Quality


The Brant Lake water quality was monitored throughout the summer every year from 1985 thru 2000 through a volunteer program sponsered by the NYS DEC. During that period the water tested consistently at the second-from-the-highest rating of Class AA-special; equal to the classification of Lake George. No waterbody in NYS is classified as higher quality.


The water quality monitoring came by way of a DEC program called CSLAP (Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program). Volunteers that participate must take a day long training session. Each monitoring program lasted for 5 years. The recent history of this program is:

Years Volunteer
1985-1990 Don Tosti
1991-1995 Doug Paton
1996-2000 Doug Paton

Testing was done each year for 8 weeks spread across the summer. Sterile bottles were provided by the DEC. Water samples were taken at 2' and 15' down in mid-lake. Water and air temperature and weather were noted. Using a secchi disk the visual depth was recorded; usually about 15-20'. The data was complied and forwarded to the DEC each week.

Just for fun in one sampling Doug Payton included a bottle of water from Watering Tub Rd. That report came back as "not lake water"; totally suitable for drinking and could not be purer.

Given our consistent high rating over 15 years and the work involed in participation, we are currently not involed with the program.